Celebrate Madeon’s Birthday with 5 of His Biggest Moments

Since 2010 and perhaps even earlier, Madeon has cemented himself as an EDM wunderkind, with a metoeric rise to stardom at the young age of 15. His storied career thereafter has only become more and more awe-inspiring with each passing year.

In honor of Madeon's 26th birthday today, we put together a list of the dance music superstar's five biggest moments.

Pendulum – "The Island" Remix Competition Win 

Fresh off an alias change (from previous producer name and anagram "Deamon"), Madeon chose his current moniker and hit the ground running with a remix of Pendulum's timeless classic "The Island." This work was an entry into Pendulum's remix competition, and it was subsequently crowned winner. With Madeon's signature French spin on electro house, he made waves in the world of EDM right as the SoundCloud era began its upswing, and his Pendulum remix catapulted him directly into the spotlight at a young age.

"Pop Culture" 

Those who didn't discover Madeon through his iconic Pendulum remix surely heard his name less than a year later, when the gifted beatmaker showcased a 39-track mashup performed entirely on a Novation Launchpad, simply titled "Pop Culture." However, the unique mashup was anything but simple, and Madeon managed to make those 39 tracks fit together perfectly to form one cohesive and catchy-as-hell song. His impressive performance went viral, and has garnered over 50 million views on YouTube to date.

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way Ball" Tour Support

As electronic dance music continued its rise to prominence, mainstream acts began to take notice. In 2013, pop queen Lady Gaga (a well-known champion of rising EDM acts) enlisted Madeon's support on her Born This Way Ball tour, where he performed across the entire North American leg. Gaining even more notoriety for Madeon as a rising powerhouse, these performances undoubtedly also helped bring EDM into the mainstream.


"Shelter" Live Tour with Porter Robinson

Following his renowned collaboration "Shelter" with close friend and fellow producer Porter Robinson, the two set out on the Shelter Live Tour in 2016, spanning five continents over the course of a year. Marking somewhat of a shift in musical style for both artists, Madeon and Robinson's tour was highly successful and many shows were added due to high demand. Those who got to witness it may not realize how lucky they were, as Madeon has since claimed that "Shelter" and its tour were a "one time thing."

Porter Madeon Shelyter

"Good Faith" Album 

Fans waited four years for a new album following Madeon's 2015 release, Adventure. After opening up about mental health struggles, he revealed some of the meaning behind the forthcoming album and the reasons for such a lengthy stretch between releases. When Good Faith finally dropped in late 2019, fans got all they were hoping for and more. Showcasing his growth as a producer and touching on those sensitive mental health topics, the album combined old and new, and painted a vivid picture of what's to come from Madeon.

Surely, at just 26 years old, there's still lots to look forward to from him (we can still dream of more Madeon and Porter delights, damn it!), and the world is once again waiting to hear what he does next.

Happy birthday, Madeon!


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