Faux Tales Drops Powerful Track in Origins

Nestled within the Swiss Alps is a dynamic producer by the name Faux Tales. Ok, truth be told, I cant verify that he lives up in the Alps, but judging by the beauty his melodies it would not surprise me one bit if that is where the Switzerland based producer resides. If you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone about music and they say they like Faux Tales then you should probably pay attention because that person knows what they are talking about. Faux Tales is a criminally underrated producer who creates some the most dynamic musical landscapes I have ever heard.

Origins, the latest release by Faux Tales, is a cinematic track with an expansive sound that takes you on a melodic journey. The song starts with an elegant melody on the piano. Violins and thunderous drums march their way to the tumultuous drop. Melodic dubstep always transports me into a fantasy world and nobody does it better than Faux Tales. His growling bass and powerful synths contrast with the delicate strings and tender piano. This is another huge track released by one the most talented producers out there. Listen to Origins below and see for yourself.

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