Eric Prydz Shares Cirez D Seismic Dance Set on EPIC Radio

An official Cirez D set was a long time coming. Eric Prydz ‘ darker techno alias was last heard from the shores of the EPIC RADIO headquarters as a Mouseville special on 22-05-2013. Six years is an insanely long amount of time to wait. However, when it did return, it was with a bang!

This set was recorded when Prydz played as Cirez D at the Seismic Dance Event in Austin, Texas on 17.11.2019. The focus of the night was on several Cirez D classics, mostly sounding different from his current ones under the same alias. These were the masterpieces that initially formed the crux of Mouseville, a label that Prydz’ started about 16 years ago with the intention of solely focussing on Cirez D releases. Coupled with a few recent bangers from other talented artists like Yotto and Charles D, this was indeed an episode to remember.

The tracklist itself rubs through a huge dose of nostalgia. Take a look :


Cirez D – Horizons
Cirez D – Re-match
Cirez D – Punch Drunk
Cirez D – Tigerstyle
Cirez D – Mouseville Theme
Cirez D – Bauerpost
Cirez D – Filler
Cirez D – In The Reds
Cirez D – Thunderstuck
Cirez D – Drums In The Deep
Cirez D – Overdrive
Cirez D – I Can’t Take It
Cirez D – Glow (In The Dark Dub)
Cirez D – On Off
Markantonio – Cento (Kaiserdisco Remix)
Cirez D – Ruby
Dusty Kid – Kollera
Cirez D – EDC 2014 ID
John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts (Cirez D Private
Revolution Remix)
Dean Grenier – Hurrikan
Yotto – Nova
Cirez D – Tech One
Charles D – Amplify
Push – Universal Nation (Bart Skils Remix)
Chymera – Dreamrunner

Relish the set again and relieve those memories. After all, Cirez D sets recorded or shared by the man himself are quite a rarity, the last being 6 years ago!

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