LLusion’s ‘walk but in a garden’ is a dreamy slice of electro-pop perfection.

Underscored by wistful piano, an ethereal hum, and glitchy cymbals, the original instrumental version of “walk but in a garden” impressively gathered 16.5 million Spotify streams. Signing to Republic Records, he reups this fan favorite with an official remix featuring mxmtoon who adds nostalgic vocal bliss to the original.

Hear it below

This comment says it all for me

It really does.

Speaking about the track LLusion said:

“It’s always just been a feel-good song,” he smiles. “Every time I hear the first piano chord, it automatically makes me think about last summer and how my life changed forever. ‘walk but in a garden’ has a lot of meaning to me. I love what mxmtoon does. She’s singing a beautiful verse on it. With her on it, it sounds complete, like it was meant to be this way all along.”


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