This track I’m about to share with you is absolutely fantastic! Jonasu aka Jonas Kröper inspired by his love of classic pop and unique vocalists collaborated with British singer Felix Samuel for a cover of Tove Lo’s dark pop hit ‘Habits’ (Stay High).

These two have made magic! The production is superb and Felix’s vocals are so good! I am so in love with this.

Check it out

Speaking about the song, Jonasu said:

‘Habits was created during lockdown actually. I was in touch with Felix Samuel on instagram and we were chatting about doing a collaboration in the future. He sent me a little snippet of him singing Habits (Stay High) just with a piano. His voice sounded amazing and it immediately sparked in my brains. I was working on some house records at that time, for various artists as well as my upcoming single Black Magic, so i really wanted to speed up Felix’ vocals and see what happens if I wrap it in a 2020 house blanket. It worked perfectly and within a few hours I sent back a draft to Felix and he thought it was a great idea. We both felt that the song was the perfect soundtrack to the circumstances, that all of us found ourselves stuck at home, with our lives, as we knew it, on pause. Although everything changed, we all keep our habits and they help trying to keep sane. Staying high to forget about our circumstances was definitely also part of that.”