Grace Davies has given us an anthem with her track, ‘Just A Girl’. It’s powerful, from the lyrics to Grace’s vocals. She has a voice that will leave you stunned.

Juxtaposing an analysis of gender inequality and celebrating and embracing womanhood, Grace sings:

​’But I won’t be quiet, I’m gonna breathe fire, you’re never gonna drown me out, never gonna push me down, Its time for a​ change, cos you’ll never hear me say that I’m just a girl’

The song’s official video was directed by award-winning director Kate Cox (Nowness, Vogue). It embraces the limitations of lockdown and was filmed and choreographed totally remotely creating an intimate fun incarnation of the track.

“​When lockdown happened around the time we were due to shoot Just A Girl we stepped into uncharted territory of remote shooting. With us all feeling confined and creatively frustrated JAG became a call to prayer for me, nurturing my talent to show the multifaceted nature of being a woman today.”

Check it out!


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