BLÜ EYES’ ‘Blessing’ is the definition of a hit song. It’s an incredibly blunt open letter to her first love.

The lyrics really hit me right away. Her honesty and openness and the vulnerability that she shares is incredible.

Speaking about the track, BLÜ EYES’ shared:

“Throughout the course of my first “real” relationship, I was gaslighted and manipulated to the point that I truly believed that it was my honor to have my life completely overtaken by him, his beliefs, his dreams. For a while, I forgot what my dreams were. Slowly and steadily, I abandoned friendships, distanced myself from activities and people I loved – even stopped playing music for a while – all in the name of “true love.” Gross. Now, of course, I am not 16 anymore, and am able to look back and see it for what it was – a co-dependent, unhealthy mess that ultimately I am thankful for. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without that experience, and I wouldn’t appreciate the people I love now nearly as much as I do. I wrote and produced this song with my incredibly talented friend Casey Kolb, who is the genius behind the quirky, visceral, beautiful chaos that this track is. We spent countless hours perfecting each and every section of the song – finding just the right swell, kick drum, vocal arrangement, you name it – to make this as great as we possibly could. We are incredibly proud of the result, and I hope it can bring peace to anyone struggling with processing painful past experiences.”

Hear it below