Drty Shdw Beautifully Blends Music & Visuals In New Release | Moonlight feat Xtina Jewell

Music producer and EDM artist Drty Shdw has just released his latest effort in collaboration with Xtina Jewell entitled “Moonlight”, and we must say we’re impressed. Both visually and sonically, the young artist surpasses himself to deliver a vividly creative sound and story, immersing viewers in a land where all good dreams come true. Everything that the Toronto based artist makes encapsulates a feeling, something unexplainable where it is impossible to tell if we are witnessing reality or fiction. The song embodies just how it feels like to have just met the love of your life, to be under the weight of a million emotions, and about to live the most perfect day of your life. A must listen and a must watch!


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