Deadmau5 Gets Twitch Channel Reinstated

After the Twitch suspension and deleting his channel, Joel ‘Deadmau5’ Zimmerman’s channel is now back up on Twitch with all the 875 videos available!

Deadmau5 has a Twitch channel with a big following, having his fans tune in regularly to watch him stream making music or playing video games. Above that, his channel served as a hub hosting about 875 videos filled with musical content and game-play. TheĀ  comment section seem happy, and to quote the user JillseyWillsey;

All the production sessions, the (almost) masterclass in Touch Designer, the hilarious gaming moments, and Joel just talking to us off the cuff. I thought he deleted it all and I was SO sad! Can’t wait to get off work and revisit some of those rare jewels!

The Twitch channel served as a home where all of his fans came together. Even though Deadmau5 mentioned finding a different platform to stream on, losing out on all the endless hours of content would be a shame. Just having his Twitch channel around with the videos can help a lot of people learn the programs he uses and his creative process, while also hosting entertaining videos.

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