Dash Berlin and Jeffery Sutorius Go After Each Other On Twitter, Shedding Light On Break Up

For millions of fans all over the world, Jeffery Sutorius is Dash Berlin. It still might even surprise some to learn that the group was actually made up of three producers even though Sutorius was the face of the project. In 2018, news broke that Dash Berlin and Jeffery had parted ways, and the remaining two members of the group kept the name and social media profiles.

After the news of the split, it became quite clear that the break up was not amicable. Sutorius felt that the remaining members of the project wrongfully took control of the Dash Berlin brand and tossed him to the side.

Both Sutorius and Dash have begun releasing records independently, but it seems that bad blood still exists. On Twitter today, the producer and his old bandmates traded blows, showing the public that things in the world of Dash are still far from good.

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