Coronavirus: Dutch DJ Apologizes For 'Discriminatory' Song

The deadly Coronavirus is affecting the world greatly nowadays. It is in the wake of this catastrophe that we are all praying for it to stop. But some people seem to take it less seriously than others. Dutch DJ Lex Gaarthuis recently aired a song with a title that is a play on words for ‘Chinese’ and ‘cure’, which sound similar in Dutch.

The song quickly went viral within the Chinese community, and it, obviously, created outrage. The name is ‘Prevention is Better Than Chinese’, and it aired last week. A petition against the tune was created and has already reached 51,000 signers, deeming it ‘discriminatory’.

On Saturday, Gaarthuis came forward to confront the criticism. He apologized to the Chinese community and admitted that he made a ‘big mistake’. He stated:

‘I sincerely realize I have offended people in the Chinese community, how painful my comments have been, and that they may have found it discriminatory’.

The death toll from the Coronavirus has already passed the 1,000 people mark. With World Health Authorities claiming it as a very heavy threat, we can only hope it ends soon.

You can watch the current global status for the virus here.


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