Childish Gambino Drops Surprise New Single "Feels Like Summer"

Out nowhere, Childish Gambino drops two brand new tracks.

A few months ago, we were gifted the now-iconic “This Is America,” bringing back Childish Gambino and hopefully spelling a new project on the way. Today, our hopes become just a little more concrete as Donald Glover has released two brand new songs and it’s really feeling like summer. Not only because the heat wave we just got over but also because Gambino came through with some absolute fire. For those that were a little disappointed when Glover decided to mostly rap on his last single, “Feels Like Summer” has the artist flexing his vocal chops as a singer, impressing immensely in the process.

Out nowhere, Childish updated his YouTube page with two brand new tracks, brightening our days a little bit and making the middle the week much easier to get past. With true summertime vibes, Gambino sings that on a day this hot, it certainly feels like summer and from the sounds it, he was in Los Angeles in the last few weeks when he recorded this. A smooth fering, “Feels like Summer” is reminiscent vintage soul songs, making full use the singer’s influences and vast range experience.

With both new tracks ficially out, do you think we’ll get a crazy “This is America”-esque video for either the joints soon?

Quotable Lyrics:

Seven billion souls that move around the sun
Growin’ fast and fast and not a chance to slow down
Slow down
Man who made machines that want what they decide
They’re just trying to tear the children please slow down
Slow down

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