Chief Keef Camps Out With Wingstop In The "Awesome" Video Single

Chief Keef has gone towards the grain in 2018, his newest single “Awesome” is not any totally different.

Today we discovered that Chief Keef’s child mom is twenty his senior, and it their relationship was conceived that manner from the beginning. The anomaly that’s Big Gucci Sosa did not cease there, in monitoring his irregularities again to a furtive location.

The “Love Sosa” rapper quietly went towards the grain this 12 months, squeezing out 4 surprising tasks, leading to various lapses judgment. But I am positive we’ll all agree, Chief Keef’s exalted place is his greatest look, very similar to the way in which a drunken sailor eases right into a bar stool.

In his newest video single “Awesome,” Love Sosa regains the exalted place as soon as extra, because the title would counsel. Keef is quickly identifiable on his previous “cul-de-sac” components – the place the “Awesome” refrain comes into impact with lots reverb, and totally different sound clips jostling for place. By some stroke luck, his vocal association matches collectively, like a modulator with all the appropriate setttings. 2018 has been a journey for us all, Sosa-included. Go get pleasure from his new materials, it will have you ever reeling with “Frat House Energy!”

Quotable Lyrics:

Step up in my fice
Pow Pow
I am ready in Miami in a Rari
Ey Ey
Take my sneakers I informed her rub my bunions.

-Chief Keef

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