Check Out These 10 Tracks From June We Think Went Under The Radar

Can you believe that we are it’s already July 1st!? Its full-blown summertime here in the US and with summertime comes tons new music. Artists love to release music around this time year in hopes to be that festival or summer anthem.

With that being said, June was a month LOADED with new music. With tons new music getting dropped across every genre every single Friday, it’s easy for a great track to slip under your radar. When you have monster releases from artists like Marshmello, Gorillaz, Axwell // Ingrosso, Rezz & more, its easy for a track to slip under your radar.

Below, I have picked out 10 tracks from our New EDM This Week playlists over the past month that I think most you haven’t had a chance to listen to yet. Admittedly, I’m a trance and house music fan, but I tried to pick a few tracks from each genre to broaden the spectrum. Tweet @ me or comment below if there is a song you think I missed last month that I should check out!

Euf√łeni – All I Have For You

Craig Connelly – New York Sunday

Andromedha – Purple Skies

Terry Da Libra – 2H3arts

All Saints – Love Lasts Forever (Pink Panda Extended Vocal Mix)

Airwolf – Chasing You (Jordan Burns Remix)

Clypso – Pop Roll Flow

Metrush – Daydream

Meaux Green – Work (Como Se Dice)

Red Hood Squad – Signal

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