Alok drops double single ‘Symphonia’ and ‘Free My Mind’!

Ensuring that 2020 is prolific as ever, Brazilian dance music star Alok has dropped two new singles—‘Symphonia’, an epic track with frequent collaborator Sevenn followed by ‘Free My Mind’, featuring fellow Brazilians Rooftime and Dubdogz.

Sampling Beethoven’s iconic
5th symphony, ‘Symphonia’ delivers a bracing
combination of 18th century classical composition and stadium-rocking EDM. The
track marks the fourth time the pair have worked together, following last
summer’s Pink Floyd-sampling
small ‘The Wall’,
which was the debut release on CONTROVERSIA.

An equally exhilarating track, ‘Free My Mind’ is an irresistible blend of acoustic and electronic elements. Underpinned by Rooftime’s smooth vocals and introspective lyrics, it’s a versatile track suitable for both the club and home listening. You can check out both tunes below!

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