YG Thought DJ Mustard Had Him Shot In 2015 – hiphopearly

YG Thought DJ Mustard Had Him Shot In 2015 - hiphopearly


YG and DJ Mustard had a falling out in late 2014 over the rapper allegedly not paying the producer for his work on YG’s debut album My Krazy Life.

They recently reconciled.  But in a new interview with Noisey, YG explained how bad things got between the two.

He explains that when he was shot leaving a recording studio in June of 2015 he suspected that Mustard was behind it.

“At this time, me and Mustard, we ain’t getting along at all,” he told Noisey.” “We ain’t talk for like … That was the start of our shit. At that time, I’m like ‘Who popped me? Was it these niggas because we ain’t been talking? Did these niggas try to have a nigga set up?’

Although YG and Mustard are in a better place now, Mustard wasn’t featured on YG’s new album Still Brazy.

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