Watch Adele Freak Out About A Bat Flying Around Her Concert [New Video]

In Mexico City, a bat crashes an Adele concert, and gets a serious reaction from the superstar singer.

British songstress kingpin Adele is confident enough to bare the inner workings her soul with thousands strangers, but when it comes to wild animals, she can get a little freaked. At her show at Mexico City’s Palacio de los Deportes, an actual bat apparently found its way into the venue and flew around for a little while, throwing Adele f her stone cold focus:

“Oh my God. It’s a fucking bat. Welcome to Mexico … It’s really good to be here, but a fucking bat? Jesus Christ.”

Like a champ course, the superstar gets right back into the groove, having gotten out her willies.

Check out the funny video Adele and the bat above.

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