Waka Flocka Declares Era Of Clever Rapping Over – hiphopearly

Waka Flocka Declares Era Of Clever Rapping Over - hiphopearly


One thing Waka Flocka’s bars have never been described as is “clever.”

But Waka thinks his less-than-literary lyrics will help him in the future. That’s because he believes listeners are sick of clever rappers.

“People got the most excuses when they can’t get no money and when they’re not winning,” Waka tells Acton Entertainment. “These niggas over here rapping about pancakes, and they mad niggas don’t want to eat no breakfast. It’s dinner time nigga. Shut the fuck up … That shit is over with. All that clever rapping. It’s here. But that ain’t what entertains people today. It ain’t that they don’t wanna hear that shit. It’s just not what’s popping right now.”

Waka doesn’t get specific on what type of “clever rapping” (or which rappers) he’s talking about.

The 30-year old aims to test his hypothesis with the much delayed album Flockaveli 2, which is now slated for fourth quarter 2016 release, and which will clearly rely more on energy than wordplay.

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