Tiny Isn’t Done With T.I., But There’s A Catch!

Tiny Isn’t Done With T.I., But There’s A Catch!(AllHipHop Rumors) One our favorite couples just may be working it out!

Apparently Tiny isn’t quite done with T.I. yet, but there is a little catch to the situation. She wants you to know that she isn’t the one that is causing the problems in their relationship, so she isn’t necessarily the one that has to bend or doing anything.

Tiny may give Tip another chance if he gets his shhhhh together! Sheesh! Relationships can be tough!

Tiny appeared on Instagram Live, and a fan asked her about her current relationship status. Tiny replied saying,

Tiny is saying come on home Tip; she’s where you need to be!

I will honestly be surprised if these two ever really get a divorce. One thing that’s for sure is, they are going to either have to divorce, put some rules into place, or have an open marriage. LOL. Carry on.

We are rooting for you guys!

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