Three 6 Mafia Were Fed Up Of Chickens Grazing Their Feed On "2-Way Freak"

“2-Way Freak” is the underrated Three 6 Mafia record that got away.

Back in 2001 two-way beepers were in circulation for a reason, if you had one you could freak-on-the-low. But a few along the way abused the goodwill bestowed upon the technology. In good faith, if you owned you send someone a message and retain your anonymity, but some took it too far. Three 6 Mafia were among those calling into the rant line as the tyranny the beeping sounds grew louder. DJ Paul voiced those frustrations on the intro for “2-Way Freak:” “This b**** is beeping the motherfucking shit out me dog,” he exclaimed.

Fortunately, “2-Way Freak” didn’t become a dog pile record, for La Chat got to rein in with her perspective. In 2001, many the pagers on the market had “character limits” within the settings, which gave service providers the impetus to be even bigger shysters.

La Chat vented about wasted “characters,” among the other issues plaguing the soon-to-be-obsolete form communication. For one, her baby dad had become a bit nosey character, so La Chat put his belongings in a cardboard box by the door and wished him adieu.

Quotable Lyrics:

I cruise around the city
I’m rollin up the sticky
I’m ridin 22’s
And I love big titties
Gel and weave
Gel and weave
If she from the hood
Then she down wit me.

-Juicy J

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