The O'My's Grab Saba For Their Latest Single "Puddles"

The O’My’s enlist Saba as the lead vocalist for a change.

Saba and The O’My’s are pretty evenly matches, all things considered. Saba raps like his soul vaccination depended on it, The O’My’s do their best to impart “feeling” as well. The concoction is metabolic, only Saba is essentially committed to “error,” the other band players need to be on their game because the sound recording depends on it.

On Puddles, Maceo Haymes The O’My’s leads f with an impressionable guitar riff, belonging inextricably to the song’s emotional memory. Drummer Eddie Burns produces a light shuffle, which is easy for the other two musician to set foot over. Saba, a musician at heart, lets f a couple grunts as he searches for his bearings, with the beat established. The whole has an improvised feel to it, synonymous with the backing music The O’My’s have supplied artists such as Ab-Soul, Chance the Rapper and Noname. It won’t be long before musicians, producers and lyricist all stand on equal footing, call me a dreamer.

Quotable Lyrics:

Memory-a-slip I need a slideshow
After life you cross over like
I fold
I’m tired so,
Many people pouring out the bottle
Another puddle on the ground
Reflections a smile.


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