SXM Festival Starts Fund to Help St. Martin After Hurricane Irma

This summer’s storms have been some the most devastating natural disasters in years. Just days after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, another massive hurricane struck the Caribbean and the surrounding area. It has been reported that the infrastructure the island has been devastated and there is no electricity, water, or radio communications. SXM Festival generously decided to use their organization for good, and to help out the people the island.

The festival is held every March on St. Martin, the place they describe as “paradise”. They work with the local government, and businesses to ensure the festival can help out the community. This is not just some random venue to them, they truly care about the island.

In SXM Festival’s own words:

We encourage everyone to try to find a way to help out. Whether you donate food, money, supplies, or volunteer, every little bit counts. Everyone needs to come together and help out brothers and sisters harmed by these storms.

Donate to the GoFundMe page here.
(They are working together with the government to ensure the funds are directed to the right places)

Donate to J.J Watt’s Hurricane Harvey Fund here.

New York Times’ guide on how to donate to these disasters and avoid scams.

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