Spotify Is Toppling the Streaming Competition With Over 150 Million Active Users

Spotify is killing the music streaming game – hitting 150 million active users! If that is not a milestone, I don’t know what is! With almost 65 million paid subscribers, nearly double that Pandora. Although Apple Music is rapidly rising to the 30 million paid subscriber mark, competitors like Google Play Music and Xbox Music haven’t been as forthcoming about sharing their user stats. We are still rooting for SoundCloud to gain back their user momentum but until then, Spotify continues to attract the most music enthusiasts.

Launched in 2008, the streaming service has grown into the standard for listening pleasure. Spotify’s services start with free basic features – including advertisements and limitations. With paid services, you get better music quality, no advertisements and limitless plays. This attractive model has racked up the numbers and does not continue to slow down anytime soon! Congratulations Spotify, we appreciate you.

What is your favorite streaming service?

Check out Spotify for yourself and see why it’s the most loved streaming service!

H/T: Digital Music News

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