Sam Feldt Drops Club Mix to SYML "Where's My Love"

We’ve been spending our summers on Sam Feldt since he dropped “Summer on You” featuring Wulf and Lucas & Steve back in 2016. The Dutch Tropical-Deep House producer DJ has since reached catestrophic heights in the EDM industry. The “Show Me Love” conductor has since dropped the album “Sunrise to Sunset” which took the world by storm landing millions Spotify streams and mainstage visits across the globe. After messing up his leg badly in a scooter accident, Sam was forced to cancel his tour dates. He will be back stronger than ever shortly! In the meantime he dropped a rework SYML’s “Where’s My Love” about a month ago. And now, he delivers the massive Club Mix.

Sam Feldt Drops Club Mix “Where’s My Love

Massive is an understatement. The original was huge, the remix was huge but this mix is maaaaassive. Bringing the tropical vibes to the forefront Sam masterfully infused this otherwise chill track with big trop drops that will have islands buzzing for the remainder the summer! Sam has become known for this sort thing so we aren’t the slightest surprised. Listen below and vibe out on the beach or throw it on your pregame playlist. DJ’s throw it in a set.

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