Playboi Carti & Kap G Are Aloof & Well On "Top 5"

Kap G upends the norm on “Top 5” featuring Playboi Carti.

Kap G is an amorphous entity in the ATL rap sphere. When he first sprung on the scene, Kap G helped disseminate our perception the demographic lines in Georgia. Little did we know Georgia represented the third largest quadrant Latin-speakers in America. His record, “Fuck La Policia” brought the concerns his community to light. But here, Kap G is forced to trade away the trap aesthetic he grew accustomed to for something more commutable, the modern equivalent alo cloud rap.

His counterpart on “Top 5” is Playboi Carti, someone who could literally write the corresponding brochure for the description I just layed out. But Kap G wins his plaudits in doing his own interpretation the “style.” His new album, appropriately titled No Kap, dropped overnight. It features contributions from the likes Chef Cook It Up, Ty Dolla $ign, and a valued hand-me-down verse from Mr. Carti himself.

Quotable Lyrics:

Yeah from rags to riches, met the baddest b*****s
Say they best friends and I had ’em kissin’, I like nasty women
We got perkies if you want that, she on that
If she bad you know I want that, but I can’t raw that, mmh (no)
Don’t assume that I’m your boo, mmh
Baby lose the attitude, mmh

-Kap G

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