No Murder Charge For Troy Ave in T.I. Concert Shooting

No Murder Charge For Troy Ave in T.I. Concert Shooting

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Earlier this month, Troy Ave was formally indicted on one charge of attempted murder and two felony weapon charges for the shooting that occurred at a T.I. concert in New York. The rapper pleaded not guilty for the incident that left his own body guard, Ronald mcPhatter, dead, and many others injured.

Today, TMZ has revealed that a grand jury has indicted Troy Ave on one count of second degree murder and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon—meaning he will not face charges of first degree murder. The difference between first and second degree murder comes down to premeditation. The five felonies, however, could still earn Troy Ave decades in prison.

Scott Leemon, Troy Ave’s attorney, argued that the video of the shooting “does not show everything nor explain what happened in the VIP room before Troy came running out, as a victim, after he was shot.” Furthermore, ballistic testing did not lead back to the weapon Troy Ave was seen firing in said video.

Leemon also told TMZ that he will be asking the judge to release his client on bail at the next hearing.

A couple of weeks after the shooting, Troy Ave broke his silence and shared his side of the story through a mixtape titled Free Troy Ave. Listen to the tape in full here.

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