MMG Signee Isa Muhammad Drops His ‘Black Hole’ EP

MMG Signee Isa Muhammad Drops His ‘Black Hole’ EP
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A year ago, Isa Muhammad was a homeless rapper with little more than a dream. Then, in  last July, the talented MC ran into Rick Ross in Venice Beach, Calif. and spit a vicious freestyle. Months later he signed with Maybach Music Group, and a while after that, he dropped his debut mixtape. Then, he retired. Yeah.

Isa’s been through a lot, but thankfully, his retirement was a short-lived one, and he’s come through with his Black Hole EP. Featuring just four tracks, the EP is short and sweet. On “Iconoclast,” which is the first track on his new EP, Isa showcases exactly the sorts skills that got him his record deal in the first place.

“Hear your album flopped, I ain’t gon’ cop that/I’d rather sit back and watch my shit react/That’s some bomb shit, rock this all into Harlem/Back down into Brooklyn, all the way back to Inglewood/Where niggas ain’t even looking where police is looking,” Isa raps in his opening bars.

There are only three songs after that one, but there’s definitely more where those bars come from. In any case, check out Isa’s Black Hole EP for yourself below.

Isa Muhammad’s Black Hole EP

1. “Iconoclast”
2. “Block”
3. “Black Hole”
4. “Blue Oceans”

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