Midlife Crisis: Will Smith Performs New EDM Track "Its Lit" with DJ Jazzy Jeff

“I wanted to make a record that reminded each and every one y’all to let your light shine”.

A nice sentiment indeed for everyone’s favorite rapper turned actor; Will Smith. We all love Will Smith whether it was from his rise to fame show Fresh Prince Bel-Air or his string #1 box fice releases like Men in Black, I Robot or my favorite Ali. Though Will Smith has become an iconic actor and at one point was Mr. Hollywood, he can’t seem to let go his music days. The Fresh Prince and Dj Jazzy Jeff started f as a hip hop act, but as the success Fresh Prince Bel Air launched a legendary acting career for Will Smith, while music took the back seat. Will Smith ditched the name Fresh Prince and kept releasing decently popular music under his own name; Will Smith. The last album by Will Smith was released in 2005 and now 12 years later he’s been making a slow return to music, but why?

The actor has a streak over 8 #1 box fice movies that broke $100,000,000, but in the recent years his movies haven’t been received as the best. Movies with bad critic reviews like Suicide Squad, After Earth and Focus have forced Will Smith’s attention back to music. The actor has been teasing a comeback tour with his old partner in crime DJ Jazzy Jeff for a while. They have not only been performing together for a while, but just premiered a new track live. You can watch the live performance the new track “It’s Lit” above. Moving away from traditional hip hop the duo jumped the mainstream sounding EDM bandwagon. The forgettable track has a cheap Major Lazer type production and a screamingly awful verse by Will Smith. Noisey called it the ficial arrival Will Smith’s midlife crisis, which is spot on. I hope he gets through this and calls it quits instead doing a collaboration with his kids or something. Though it would be ostalgic to see a Fresh Prince Tour, it may be best to not revisit certain things. Some things should be left alone and held in high praises in your memories. Instead, we have them making a sad attempt at a comeback while grasping onto new trends just to relate to a younger audience.

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