Man Runs Burning Man Ultra Marathon for Fifth Time

Burning Man is already known for its crazy activities and being a very wild, unique thing. Some the best ideas we ever hear come from Burning Man or people who attend the event. A new one has popped up but it’s not what you’d expect. People have been going to Black Rock City since 1986 to celebrate this wonderful event and dancing is not the only way they do that.

One the festival-goers started running the Burning Man Ultra Marathon in 2013. If any you have ever seen pictures Burning Man you know the playa is a large area. He decided to run the event again this year and the race is 4 laps around the festival grounds. This was his 5th year running the ultra marathon which means he has run over 150 miles at Black Rock City. This goes to show the true passion people have for this event if they can go out to the middle the desert in summer and run an ultra marathon.

The festival-goer, Ryan Van Duzer, is a who has been documenting his travels around the world for 10 years. His youtube channel was made to inspire others to explore and consists videos some the most fascinating places. The Ultra Marathon was his highlight Burning Man and you can share his excitement by watching the video below.

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