Lil Wayne Says Lean Didn't Cause His Recent Seizure

Lil Wayne Says Lean Didn't Cause His Recent Seizure

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Earlier this week, Lil Wayne suffered a seizure during a flight from Milwaukee to California. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Nebraska and Wayne had to receive medical treatment. After the health scare, a rep shared that he was in “stable condition and good spirits.”

Lil Wayne was spotted partying the night before, and TMZ’s sources claim that he was sipping lean, which could have triggered the seizure. Today, TMZ is reporting that a rep for Wayne denies the rumors.

After a series of seizures in 2013, the now 33-year-old rapper revealed that he suffers from epilepsy, and he says the most recent seizure happened because a pharmacy in Milwaukee didn’t have the right medication to treat his condition, so he went without meds for a few days.

Whatever the case, Wayne seems to be fine now. Just two days after the seizure, he performed at a Los Angeles video game conference.

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