Lil B The Based God Enables DeathbyRomy's Witchcraft On "Demons"

Lil B tells DeathbyRomy to keep bidding for “Magick.”

DeathbyRomy, a self-described “singer, princess, vampire, model, goat” is betting her advance on Paganism making a strong comeback. The little-known singer may only have thirteen hundred Twitter followers to her name, but that didn’t stop her from recruiting Cuban Doll, Yung Bans, and Lil B for her new record Monster, the latter giving an inspirational speech on the closing number “Demons.”

Lil B’s message to DeathbyRomy is one unrelenting support. Lil B first championed his fan-friendly approach with the creation a sensational neologism. The word “Based” is to DeathbyRomy what esoteric knowledge is Sufi mystic. DeathbyRomy’s music is by no means related to conventional hip hop wisdom; I’d be ill-advised to make that allusion.

What DeathbyRomy is attempting here, is the musical exigence a post-millennial generation that wants to believe in magic so badly. I’ve seen her type, and I do empathize. There is a real discord between reality and the joy abiding to superstition. Let’s say DeathbyRomy were to field a bunch conspiracy theories, would you think any less her? I do believe Lil B’s place on this record is to enable such fantasy in all us. The last time The Based God levied a curse on someone, it ran its course until he chose to rescind, not before.

Quotable Lyrics:

Hey Romy what’s next for you?
You already know it’s your boy Lil B.

-Lil B

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