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It seems Lebron James move to the Los Angeles Lakers this past NBA Offseason was bigger than Basketball. Lebron is knee deep in Hollywood and creating his brand outside basketball. Today we just got word that Lebron is teaming up with John Legend to release TV version the hit 1989 movie “Lean On Me” thru CW. The original movie starred Morgan Freeman portraying Joe Louis Clark.

“Lean on Me” was loosely based on the true-story Joe Louis Clark, a high school principal who became famous for his unconventional disciplinary methods in Eastside High School in Paterson, New Jersey. James is a native Akron and opened his “I Promise” School in the town in July.

The CW is developing a TV adaptation “Lean on Me,” the 1989 film starring Morgan Freeman. The series, which has a script development deal, will be executive produced by James and John Legend, along with Maverick Carter, Mike Jackson and Ty Stiklorius.

In the CW series, spirited young black teacher Amarie Baldwin scores the principal job at an Akron, Ohio, public high school. She must dig deep to transform a failing campus into an urban oasis. In a time when education and school safety have life-or-death stakes, Amarie will take on a broken system that tests her mettle, love life and family.

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