Kanye West dyes his hair Pink while Friends and Families fear his cocaine addiction is killing him – HipHopOverload.com

Kanye West has not been the same for almost two years. It seems Kanye has ficially lost it. Pictures surfaced this weekend which shows Kanye West rocking Pink hair.

It has been a joke on social media that Kanye is under the Kardashian spell and people jokingly says he needs to “Get Out” like the movie.

Family and Friends also revealed to us that Kanye is heavily addicted to cocaine right now and he is a shell himself and they fear that this may kill him or fully destroy his creative making ways.

The cocaine addicition started when he came back from his get away for his nervous breakdown. Prayers are with Kanye we hope he finds himself. Maybe getting out from that Kardashian family is whats needed. Where is big brother Jay Z at?

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