Joey Purp Is Back With "March 12th"

Is Purp preparing his long-awaited follow-up to “iiiDrops?”

It’s been over two years since Joey Purp shared his excellent iiiDrops mixtape, and the rap world has patiently awaited his return. The day has come with “March 12th,” a new single from the Chicago rapper that picks up where he left f, displaying a studied rap traditionalism, a charismatic personality and a proven ear for beats that bridge generations hip-hop from his city. At times, both his cadence and sense humor recall a young Kanye West: “I told her I need a lady that’s ballin’, so if we have a baby we can name him Spalding.”

So far, he has not announced a follow-up to iiiDrops, but this single is a good sign that it’s in the works.

Back in 2016, we spoke to Joey Purp about his role in SaveMoney, the various factions Chicago rap, and how to rap about drugs in an honest but responsible manner. read our conversation here.

Quotable Lyrics:
If I didn’t rap and I tried to sing songs
Then when then they give me daps
Could I tell that something’s wrong?
It’s all in the eyes, man
These n***as lies, man
I heard from a wise man
Don’t trust a wise man
I fer her my money
Say she’d rather have time, man

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