Jake Crocker Does Things ‘A Different Way’ [Free Download]

Jake Crocker Does Things 'A Different Way' Free Download]
The last time we heard from Jake Crocker, he had just released his remix and was playing coy about any current projects he was working on. Jake and I had been chatting on and f for the better part a year, and it was fascinating to see our interview get updated every couple months with more projects, more music, and more excitement. The latest which is a remix DJ Snake’s ‘A Different Way.’ Released on Tuesday this week, this is only further pro that the future is going to be bright for this Seattle based producer. There is this problem I’ve noticed when a new song from a popular artist has a lot remixes produced. Sometimes the remixes are part a package, sometimes it’s folks on Soundcloud looking to get their name out, but ten times they’re always kind just…okay. The styles don’t always blend, the drops feel uninspired, and the final product feels a little rushed. It fails to do what a remix is supposed to do: respect the spirit the original while pushing the concept in a new direction. It doesn’t have to be mind blowing or completely innovative; sometimes music can just be fun, but it does need to do more than be an attempt to jump on the hype train. Jake Crocker Does Things 'A Different Way' Free Download] But Jake Crocker’s remix ‘A Different Way’ is wonderful. He avoids the trap sounding like he’s producing simply to produce, and transforms what I thought was a pretty mediocre song into something complex and emotionally charged. It even  surprised me with two completely different drops, which really shouldn’t be anything to comment on, but seems to be something that a lot music these days is missing. I know a lot people think that future bass is overdone at this point (it kind is), but like with everything else he gets his hands on, this remix brings a perspective that is nothing short captivating. , Jake said that what the music scene needs right now is “a breath fresh air.” I can’t think a better way to describe Jake himself.

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