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Gone are the days not knowing artist’s personalities. No matter if we know who they are or not, the personalities artists speak through their music and their actions. , the artist behind the beautiful remix “Smooth Criminal,” and infectious original “Insight,” hopped on a and hosted an AMA and a live performance his new track “Endlessly.”

Martin Vogt may be a new name to your ear, but for me and others, he is something special. Last year, he opened for on his Mad Zoo Winter Roadshow and signed with Monstercat, solidifying himself as a pioneer a new sound. A combination electronic and jazz, Haywyre answered questions from over 1,300 people over the hour while doodling across beautiful chords and riffs on his keyboard.

From questions about potential collaborations, if he had sung on any tracks (he has, but covers it up with a vocoder), to appropriately steering away from answerin gthe most difficult question, what is your favorite track, Martin entertained all the vieweres with an insightful and informative AMA which left me even more in love with him as an artist and person.

But don’t take my word for it, check out what a viewer had to think about him, being introduced to Haywyre for the first time on the livestream:

I’ll admit that I’m myopic in my musical taste. Having never heard Haywyre and being asked to cover this article at the last minute, I really had no clue what to expect. When exploring other genres, I typically listen the way that most us watch porn – skipping around from phrase to phrase, looking for the best parts from which I can steal samples or find inspiration. This was a unique experience in that watching a live stream outside my norm forced me to give the session my full attention.

The stream began, and I was greeted by Haywyre, an artist who struck me as having a warm, helpful, and charming demeanor. I was pleased to note that he never got overly technical; focusing instead on the types questions that really connect an artist to their fans. What are you going to do next? When are you going to finish this or that track? How can I become famous too?

Throughout the session, I noted that his fingers couldn’t seem to help themselves from dancing across the keyboard; effortlessly tapping out playful little melodies every time he had to pause to think about the answer to a question. It was as though the answers lied within the circuits his keyboard and he was using cheat codes to get them out. As someone who had seven years childhood piano lessons imposed upon them, I can say that this sort thing only comes with true dedication and single-minded focus. Martin further cemented this point when asked whether or not he was a child prodigy (he wasn’t).

As for the performance itself – I’m a DJ who is easily impressed by anyone who can perform an instrument without a three hour studio session, so my thorough enjoyment can probably be taken for granted. Probably best to see for yourself.” –

Regardless what you think about the style music he produces (a combination glitch-hop, jazz piano, and driving synthesizer chords) Martin Vogt is a class act that deserves to be recognized. He handled himself beautifully live on camera though he is scared it.

With a new album on the way, new music videos, and a number shows coming up, 2016 will be a big year for Haywyre and both him and I hope that you will take a listen to his tracks, giving some comments below. You can find him on Facebook and and look out for his next album, hopefully hitting stores sometime in 2016. Keep up to date with the latest in electronic news an devents by following and interact with us in the comments below.

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