Guy-Manuel of Daft Punk Produces New Song for Artist Charlotte Gainsbourg

Despite their enormous influence on dance music, Daft Punk have remained elusive in their creative endeavors.

From soundtracks to surprise collaborations, the robots have had their fingerprints on projects that their die hard fans would have never expected. Since the release Random Access Memories in 2013, fans have been clamoring for new tracks or a tour. While we haven’t gotten either from the group, they have been busy producing tracks for other artists.

After their highly publicized collaboration with the Weeknd on his latest album, “Starboy”, the French duo have been at work with a variety different artists. The latest known collaboration is between Guy Manuel and Charlotte Gainsbourg. The British/French artist enlisted Guy Manuel’s services to produce and co-write a track on her forthcoming album. The track is called “Rest” and it can be heard in the video below. If that wasn’t enough, Gainsbourg also enlisted Paul McCartney to collaborate on her upcoming album. In terms Guy Manuel’s input, you’ll have to decide for yourself how much influence the robot has on “Rest”.

It may not be the kind work we wanted Daft Punk to produce but it is encouraging to see them active in making music with other artists. The French duo have never been known to be predictable, but perhaps these various collaborations can spark their interest in creating new Daft Punk tracks soon. As a die hard Daft Punk fan, I can only hope that’s the case.

H/T: EDM Sauce

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