Gucci Mane Stays Busy On "Kept Back" With Lil Pump

The Gucci Gang has been “kept back” a year.

Gucci Mane is relishing being in a less submissive role at this juncture in his career. With less to prove While working and biopic well into production, the rapper/mogul is resigned to playing the field like an affluent member society. He may have lost out on Lil Pump’s signature in March, but that doesn’t preclude him from doing business with the young snapper. Far from it, Warner Bros. would book the flight if need be.

“Kept Back” is just the record to forge the synthesis between Gucci Mane’s ironclad image and new rap frontier led by Pump and rappers the like. The single could very find itself on Gucci Mane’s final tracklist for Evil Genius and Eskimo Boys Vol. 1. Gucci Mane spoke with Zane Lowe about the prospect seeing the album finalized in the coming months.

“I really just been compiling a bunch songs, listening to beats,” Gucci told Lowe. “I went in with Metro, I did a bunch songs with Southside, C.N.O.T.E. I just really wanted to just have a chance to almost make a mixtape worth songs with all the producers that I like.” Gucci has about 60-70 songs to whittle down to a more presentable package.

Check out “Kept Back” featuring Lil Pimp & comment below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Be the real Boss
Bih you can’t hit that
The brain so dumb it got kickback
Booty so big it got kept back
Chain keep flicking and the game keep spinnin’

-Gucci Mane

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