Grimes Explains Misinterpreted Lyrics from "Medieval Warfare"

Grimes Explains Misinterpreted Lyrics from "Medieval Warfare"

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Earlier this week, Grimes shared her latest single “Medieval Warfare” taken from the Suicide Squad soundtrack. Soon after the single’s release, it seems many people misinterpreted her lyrics so incorrectly that she felt the need to give fans a full explanation. Grimes took to Twitter to post a full break down of the lyrics, but soon deleted it.

Thanks to a screen shot quickly grabbed by the fan Twitter account GrimezszDaily, those who missed the quick post can read her full message below. Beginning with, “Interesting how the press genders my lyrics,” Grimes went on to annotate each line. She also clarified that she was “not complaining, just noticing.”

a letter from Grimes ?

please read!

— grimezszdaily (@GrimezszDaily) August 4, 2016

The full Suicide Squad soundtrack is finally out today, take another listen to “Medieval Warfare” below.

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