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Grammys To Recognize Streaming-Only Music - hiphopearlyLast month, there was a petition to allow free music — such as mixtapes — to be eligible for Grammys.

Today, the Recording Academy has announced that streaming only recordings will now be eligible for Grammy consideration.

The Recording Academy defines streaming music services as “paid subscription, full catalog, on-demand streaming/limited download platforms that have existed as such within the United States for at least one full year as of the submission deadline.”

While that language is a little vague, it would seem to suggest that some (if not all) mixtapes will be eligible for Grammys.

It would certainly include tapes like Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book, which was released exclusively on Apple Music. Albums like Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo — which hasn’t had a physical release yet — would also now be eligible.

Grammys To Recognize Streaming-Only Music - hiphopearly

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