Draymond Green Rips Raiders' Relocation, Encourages Fans To Boycott Games

The Oakland Raiders will remain in Oakland for the next two seasons but after that they’re Las Vegas bound, a move that was recently approved by owners in a 31-1 vote.

The only owner to vote against the Raiders’ relocation was the Miami Dolphins’ Stephen Ross, a man who Draymond Green considers as a mentor and an admirable person for standing up for what he believes in.

Draymond recently spoke to The Undefeated about the Raiders’ upcoming move from Oakland to Las Vegas and how he approves the way Ross called people out.

After last night’s win against the Rockets, Draymond spoke more about how saddened he is for the fan base and compared the Raiders leaving Oakland to the Cowboys moving away from Dallas, or the Celtics ditching Boston.


Check out Draymond’s comments about the Raiders’ relocation below.

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