Donald Glover Posts Countdown via Mysterious App

Donald Glover Posts Countdown via Mysterious App

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Donald Glover has been keeping himself busy with everything but music, with him moving his Childish Gambino alias to the side for the time being as he focuses on other projects. However, the notoriously social media-shy Glover returned to Twitter today to link to a mysterious app titled Pharos. The app, which can be download right now for iOS and Android, features a countdown that seems to hinting at something that appears to be “approaching.”

While it seems unlikely that new music is on the way, we can never be too sure when it comes to Glover. With his highly anticipated new show¬†Atlanta on the way this September, Glover must have been hard-pressed finding time to write and record new music. However,¬†Complex reports that session musician and vocalist Aaron Michael Gutierrez confirmed that there was a new Gambino album on the way, but he has since deleted the tweets. This means he either let slip something he wasn’t supposed to, or he spoke a little too soon. If this Pharos app is anything to go by, though, Glover definitely has something planned for us in the near future.

Check out the app for yourself here, and see some screenshots showcasing the countdown in said app below.

Donald Glover Posts Countdown via Mysterious App

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