David Guetta Taps G-Eazy & Lil Uzi Vert For Boiz Night Anthem "Motto"

David Guetta lines one up for the club-rats.

Line up six cans Bud Lights. Get house-keys ready. Turn can upside down. Puncture bottom can. Down geysers said Bud Light. Put on “Motto” by David Guetta, Lil Uzi Vert, G-Eazy, and Mally Mall. Listen to song while wiping beer froth from chin. Go to the club while walking in slow motion. 

Such is the routine inherently suggested by David Guetta’s boiz night anthem, “Motto.” Bringing together the disparate voices Lil Uzi and young Gerald, both rappers find common ground in sheer financial prowess. They ten enjoy boasting their accomplishments, and why wouldn’t they? Taking to the synth-driven horns Guetta’s lavish production, even those working part-time can feel like a one percenter. 

Will this one convert those seeking substance? Likely not. Yet those in favor sheer, unapologetic style may be satiated. In any case, rappers and electro producers will continue to unite as long as the clubs continue to stay open. 

Quotable Lyrics

Pretty girls that’s my clientele
Phone calls, my accountant tell me I did well (you did well, Gerald!)
Yeah, you don’t do this much I can tell 
First class to Paris courtesy YSL

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