Converse Introduces Sneaker with Built-In Wah Guitar Pedal

Converse Introduces Sneaker with Built-In Wah Guitar Pedal

For decades, Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers have been a staple shoe for millions of people around the world. The once ideal shoe for the basketball court found itself becoming key footwear to many rock shows. Because of this, the people at Converse have found a way to bring the sneaker and music worlds together in the most literal way.

Converse’s latest design is everything musicians need but probably didn’t know they wanted until now. The new shoe, titled the Chet Atkins All Wah, feature a built-in wah-wah guitar pedal. These newly designed sneakers feature a sensitive and flexible sensor within the sole that recognizes movement and transforms it into sounds that mimic that of the wah pedal.

The bluetooth technology built-in the sneaker sends the patterns of movement to a wah box that will in turn give musicians the same results as an ordinary wah pedal. The really tech savvy musicians can even sync these All Wah sneakers to their iPhone or Macbook as a replacement for a traditional amp.

The new Chet Atkins All Wahs—named after the famous guitarist—do not have an official release date as of yet, but there’s no doubting that this will spark the interest of many guitarists around the world. Now musicians can rock Converses on stage for style and functionality.

Watch the video of the prototype below to learn more about the All Wahs.

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