Bobby Shmurda Phones In From Rikers On Fetty Luciano's "On The Wall"

Fetty Luciano won’t pursue his hoop dreams any longer.

It’s not unusual for a young adult to follow in the footsteps an older sibling. Fetty Luciano, the younger brother Rowdy Rebel has decided to carry the torch for his family crest. After serving a three year bid on conspiracy charges, Fetty is ready to strike anew. While brother Rowdy and mentor Bobby Shmurda await the commutation jail sentences, Fetty née Remy Marshall, has effectively become the first the GS9 affiliates to return home. The hope is that Fetty can help reverse their fortune, and repurpose the GS9 name to that a legitimate rap crew.

“On The Wall” features a pledge support from Bobby Shmurda, from behind prison walls. With the backing Def Jam, there is optimism Fetty can generate enough ground level support before 2020, when Shmurda is eligible to return to his civic duties. “On The Wall” is characterized by the same flush sound that made “Shmoney” all the rage in 2014.

Quotable Lyrics:

Don’t come outside unless the thing is out
The gang is out
Free Rashad let my Haitians out
Glock with a 30, bih the laser’s out
It’s amazing now
I went the paper route.
Planes on the wall
Planes on the wall
If they outside we gon’ hit ’em all.

-Fetty Luciano

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