Amber Rose's Cookin' Somethin' Up W/ French Montana

Vixen Amber Rose has announced she has something in the works with Bad Boy Entertainment’s French Montana this week.

Amber went to Instagram Wednesday (June 15) and alerted followers of a Montana collabo existing.

Amber Rose's Cookin' Somethin' Up W/ French Montana


Recently, Amber cleared up rumors about celebrating a divorce with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa.

Amber Rose's Cookin' Somethin' Up W/ French Montana

Last week, cameras spotted the former inseparable couple together at a gentlemen’s club.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa normally bury their differences to co-parent their son — but Monday night they smoked the peace pipe over strippers’ asses! The exes looked very NON-exish at Ace of Diamonds strip club in L.A. last night — getting cozy in VIP, while they both dished cash to dancers. Although Wiz looks way more prepared to make it rain. (TMZ)

Earlier this year, the vixen updated fans on her dating status.

“I mean, he’s actually just like a regular guy, which is really cool,” Rose revealed when asked who she is sleeping with. “[What’s more appealing, intelligence or physical body?] Definitely not physically. I’m more attracted to, I like guys who are extremely smart and funny. If a guy can make me laugh, he can definitely win my heart. He makes me laugh until I cry.” (SiriusXM)

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